China factory Reduction Box, Gears, Shaft, Engine, Machine, Equipment, Gray Iron with Great quality

Product Description

Organization profile:

Founded in 2009, ZheJiang Union-max Equipment& EquipmentTechnologies Co., Ltd specializes in creating and providing higher top quality mechanical parts. Union-Max is situated in HangZhou city the place is complemented with properly designed infrastructure and transportation method, supplying the company with higher efficiency. All personnel and managers in UNION-MAX share the value that endeavor, cooperation and innovation will guidebook us the way towards achievement after years of diligent company practices concentrating on quality.

Product Element
Specification OEM manufacturing – according to customer’s drawing or sample.
Casting weught 0.1-400KG
Casting normal ISO,DIN,AISI,ASTM,BS,JIS,EN,AS and many others.
Casting tolerance CT7-CT8
area roughness Ra0.05-Ra50.
Warmth Therapy Normalizing,Annealing,Quenching,Tempering,etc.
Casting content high grade ductile iron(QT500-6)/(QT800-5)/(QT600-5),Gray iron,Stainless steel,Carbon metal
Casting procedure Sand casting Resin sand
Coated sand
Clay sand
Iron dependent coated sand
investment casting
lost foam casting
vacuum process casting
Finish sand blasting,zinc plating,H.D.Galvanizing,spray-paint,passivating,polishing,eletrophoresis,machining,and so forth.
dimension inspection CMM,projection equipment,calipers,peak gauge,micrometer caliers,within caliper gauge,angle and r gauge,personalized gauge,etc.
solution software automobile,railway,development,mining,agricultural equipment,mining equipment,petroleum equipment,engineering machinery,shipbuilding ,and so forth.
sample creation cycle 45-50 functioning days

Manufacturing unit overview

1.Standard information about Susun/Union Max


three.Laboratory tools

4.Site/Facilities and setting

5.Products and closing inspection


A rack is a portion of a cylindrical disk with an infinite radius, the surface of which is minimize with involute enamel. The racks are specifically mated to spur gears with the very same module, stress angle, and favored face width. EP gives racks in a selection of resources, configurations, modules, and lengths. A exclusive characteristic of our racks is that most of them appear with concluded products. This type of manufacturing enables multiple racks to be linked finish to stop to create a constant length of racks. Many of our offerings let for secondary operations these kinds of as shortening lengths, adding threaded holes, or making use of heat therapy. Our items also include products that have accomplished some of these secondary functions.
The function driving the rack is to convert rotational movement into linear motion, the rack operates by way of a pinion (a cylindrical equipment that meshes with the rack), so this set up is frequently referred to as a rack and pinion. When working gears and racks, equipment oil is also hugely suggested to boost functionality and longevity. We also inventory a vast assortment of metric spur gears and provide virtually every single power transmission item on the market place

China factory Reduction Box, Gears, Shaft, Engine, Machine, Equipment, Gray Iron     with Great quality