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Merchandise Description

Product Description
 Nylon Introduction:
 Nylon,indicates Monomer Casting Nylon, is a variety of engineering plastics used in comprehensive industries, has been used almost every single industrial discipline.
The caprolactam monomer is first melted, and added catalyst, then poured it inside moulds at atmosphere pressure so as to shape in different castings, such as: rod, plate, tube. The molecule weight of MC Nylon can reach 70,05710,000/mol, three times than PA6/PA66. Its mechanical properties are much higher than other nylon materials, such as: PA6/PA66.
Property of PA6:

Property Item No.  Unit  Price
Mechanical Properties one Density  g/cm3  1.13
two  Water absorption(23ºC in air) one.8-2.
three Tensile strength  MPa  86
four Tensile strain at break % 28
five Compressive stress(at 2%nominal strain) MPa 51
six Charpy impact strength (unnotched) KJ/m2  No break
seven Charpy impact strength (notched) KJ/m2  ≥
eight Tensile modulus of elasticity MPa 3190
nine Ball indentation hardness N/mm2 162
  ten Rockwell hardness M86

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Wholesale of common and nonstandard high-precision plastic gears, plastic pulleys and plastic gearboxes
Designing, processing and producing high-precision plastic gears and components according to your drawings or samples
Precision plastic injection molding and tooling.
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1. Textile Market: 
two. Chemical Business:
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six. Farm Implement
seven. Mining & Metals Processing Industries:
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ten. Waste Water Treatment

Why choose us?
one. We have our own factory, so we can supply you the factory price.
two. We are professional supplier, so we have our own technique personnel and sale team.
three. Shipping on time.
4. We have ISO9001:2008 certification and have professional personnel to 100% inspect the products, 
so don’t worries about the quality.
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6. High good quality products usually can meet customers’ requirement.
seven. Offer best service for our customers is our responsibility.
eight. OEM and ODM service are available. 

Quality guarantee

chemical checking, NDE after rough machining, mechanical testing after heat 
treatment method, final NDE, dimension inspected 
Quality document full Q.A document as per client request
Packing and shipping standard export package(carton/wooden case/pallet)
accept FOB,FAS,CNF,CIF door to door etc. or customer designated shipping agent.
Provider Drawing: we can translate your original drawing, offer best suggestion on design.
High quality: we have full set quality control system to guarantee the best quality.
Inspection: inspect in house, all our products must be checked 3 times before packing.
Inspection in-house foundry 
third party inspection available upon requirement

EP’s racks transform rotational movement to linear movement when utilised with spur gears. It is designed to work with our inventory 14 1/2° and 20° PA spur gears. It can be modified for particular purposes, these kinds of as drilling and tapping mounting holes, chopping to distinct lengths, or matching the finishes of two-piece racks to generate steady lengths longer than inventory.
Gears are utilised in a massive number of mechanical units. Most importantly, they give equipment reduction for motorized products. This is important because frequently little motors that spin quite rapidly can supply adequate energy to the gadget, but not sufficient torque, the drive that causes an item to spin or twist on an axis. For instance, an electric powered screwdriver has a quite massive equipment reduction (reduces the pace of a rotating equipment (like an electric powered motor)) due to the fact it requires a great deal of torque to turn the screw. But the motor produces only a small quantity of torque at high speeds. With gear reduction, the output pace can be lowered even though escalating the torque.

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