China supplier Standard/Customized Rack and Pinion Gears near me factory

Merchandise Description

M8 gear rack and pinion for building hoist 
Material: &lparS45C medium carbon metal) C45 
Tooth sort: straight tooth

 M1 10x10x1000 10x15x1000  M1 15x15x250 15x15x500  M3 30x30x250 30x30x500  M5  50x50x250 50x50x500
 M1.5 15x15x1000 15x20x1000   15x15x1000 15x15x2000   30x30x1000 30x30x2000   50x50x1000 50x50x2000
 M2 20x20x1000 20x25x1000  M1.5 17x17x250 17x17x500      M6 60x60x250 60x60x500
 M2.five 25x25x1000 25x30x1000   17x17x1000 17x17x2000  M4 22x22x250 22x22x500   60x60x1000 60x60x2000
 M3 30x30x1000 30x35x1000  M2 20x20x250 20x20x500   22x22x1000 22x22x2000  M8 80x80x250 80x80x500
 M4 40x40x1000 40x45x1000   20x20x1000 20x20x2000  M4 30x30x250 30x30x500   80x80x1000 80x80x2000
 M5 50x50x1000 50x55x1000  M2.five 25x25x250 25x25x500   30x30x1000 30x30x2000  M10 100x100x250 100x100x500
 M6 60x60x1000 60x65x1000   25x25x1000 25x25x2000  M4 40x40x250 40x40x500   100x100x1000 100x100x2000
 M8 80x80x1000       40x40x1000 40x40x2000    

Developing Hoist rack
Equipment Rack

Construction Hoist Gear Rack

All kinds of hoist spare areas
Driving system with 2-motors &sol 3-motors&semi
motor: 11kw, fourteen.5kw,18kw&semi
motor spare parts: braking program&semi brake sheet, motor adjustor, electromagnet,motor supporter.
protection device: 30KN,40KN,50KN,60KN&semi
gearbox: 16:1,14:1,12:1&semi10:1&semi

Hoist Driving device

Gear racks characteristic sector standard 14-1/2° stress angle for applications in which control of backlash is essential (will not work with 20° spurs). Precision machining for minimum center length variation and enhanced concentricity of mating spur gears. These equipment racks can be modified for distinct apps such as drilling and tapping mounting holes, reducing to certain lengths, or matching finishes of two parts of rack to produce a ongoing size more time than inventory.
EP implements rigid top quality manage all through the manufacturing cycle. Extensive engineering encounter permits us to offer added style critiques and/or price engineering providers to accomplish production effectiveness targets. An on-web site class ten thousand cleanroom is used for tests, assembly, and packaging. EP and customer approved casting, heat dealing with, plating, and portray facilities. We can device a variety of resources which includes aluminum, brass, bronze, metal alloys, stainless steel, and titanium.

China supplier Standard/Customized Rack and Pinion Gears     near me factory