China wholesaler Nij Standard PE Aramid Bulletproof Vest (TYZ-BV-A-74) Military Gear with Great quality

Solution Description

Nij Common PE Aramid  Bulletproof Vest (TYZ-BV-A-74) Armed forces Gear
Model No.: TYZ-BV-A-seventy four
Variety: WB674
Material: UHMWPE Fiber UD
Level: NIJ IIIA. 44
Pies: 32
Safety: Back, front, aspect
Overall protective area: .32m2
Outer Cover: Outer go over is electronic camouflage, it is drinking water and hearth resistant and with inside cooling. And it can be equipment washable. The pocket and shoulder and entrance belt are large top quality Velcro fastener, it can be taken off simply, and the outer include have front and back again pocket to insert the 25cmX30cm Plate.
Supply time: 20 Times

Item Sheet Variety Protection amount Plies Areal density (Kg/m2) Protective Region (m2) Fat (With no cover)
Ballistic vest WB422B GA141-2571 II fifty four seven. .32 two.24
WB422B GA141-2571 III sixty nine nine. .32 two.88
WB422B NIJ IIIA 9mm 36 four.7 .32 1.fifty one
WB422B NIJ IIIA .357 45 five.five .32 1.seventy six
WB422B NIJ IIIA .forty four forty nine 6.four .32 2.05
Bulletproof & Stab-resistant vest SF102 GA141-2571 II
GA68-2008 24±0.5J
  9.6 .32 three.07
SF102 GA141-2571 III
GA68-2008 24±0.5J
  ten.8 .32 3.46
Ballistic vest WB532 GA141-2571 II forty nine six.4 .32 two.05
WB532 GA141-2571 III sixty two .32 2.59
WB532 NIJ IIIA 9mm 34 four.five .32 one.forty four
WB532 NIJ IIIA .44 42 5.5 .32 one.seventy six
Ballistic vest WB534 GA141-2571 II 39 6.4 .32 two.05
WB534 GA141-2571 III fifty .32 two.fifty nine
WB534 NIJ IIIA 9mm 26 four.5 .32 1.forty four
WB534 NIJ IIIA .44 32 5.5 .32 one.seventy six

Design No Kind Material Protection Type Colour
TYZ-BV1111W Bulletproof PEUD Front, again, aspect General White
TYZ-BV1121W Bulletproof PEUD Front, again, side, shoulder General White
TYZ-BV1131B Bulletproof PEUD Front, again, side, shoulder, corner, groin. and arm Basic Black
TYZ-BV1141M Bulletproof PEUD Purposeful Basic Armed forces
TYZ-BV1211Y Bulletproof Kevlar Front, back, facet Standard Yellow
TYZ-BV1212B Bulletproof Kevlar Entrance, back, side Male Black
TYZ-BV1232M Bulletproof Kevlar Front, back again, aspect, shoulder, corner, groin. and arm Standard Yellow
TYZ-BV1213W Bulletproof Kevlar Front, back again, facet Woman White
TYZ-BV2111L Stab-resistant PEUD Front, again, facet Basic Blue
TYZ-BV2121B Stab-resistant PEUD Entrance, back again, facet, shoulder General Black
TYZ-BV2131W Stab-resistant PEUD Entrance, back, side, shoulder, corner, groin. and arm Basic White
TYZ-BV3111W Bulletproof & Stab-resistant PEUD Front, again, aspect General White
TYZ-BV3131W Bulletproof & Stab-resistant PEUD Entrance, back, facet, shoulder, corner, groin. and arm General White

  Chest Waist
  Inches cm Inches cm
Tiny 34 – 38 86 – ninety six 28
Medium 38 – 43 96 – 109 32 eighty one.three
Big forty three – forty six 109 – 116 36 91.four
XL 46 – 48 116 – 122 40 one zero one.six
XXL forty eight – fifty 122 – 127 forty four 111.8
XXXL fifty – 52 127 – 132 forty seven 119.four
XXXXL fifty two – 53 132 – 135 fifty one 129.four


Racks are utilized to change rotary motion into linear movement. The spur teeth of the rack reduce into 1 face of the square or circular rod part and function with the pinion, which is a little cylindrical equipment that meshes with the rack. Generally, racks and pinions are collectively referred to as “rack and pinion”.
A rack is a part of a cylindrical disk with an infinite radius, the surface area of which is cut with involute tooth. The racks are especially mated to spur gears with the exact same module, strain angle, and chosen experience width. EP gives racks in a selection of supplies, configurations, modules, and lengths. A distinctive feature of our racks is that most of them occur with concluded merchandise. This type of production makes it possible for multiple racks to be connected end to conclude to produce a steady size of racks. A lot of of our choices let for secondary functions these kinds of as shortening lengths, incorporating threaded holes, or making use of heat treatment. Our items also contain items that have accomplished some of these secondary operations.

China wholesaler Nij Standard PE Aramid Bulletproof Vest (TYZ-BV-A-74) Military Gear     with Great quality