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100BPH 5 Gallon Large Bottle Water Barrel Mineral H2o Filling Press Capping EPTT


The creation line is largely used for 3-five gallon barrel consuming drinking water. It is made up of three areas: washing(heating
h2o—sterilized h2o—pure drinking water), filling and sealing.

This creation line can be automatically washed, disinfected, stuffed, capped, counted and output, with complete
capabilities, novel design, higher diploma of EPTT, it is a established of EPTTry, electrical power, gasoline in one of the ingesting
water barrel equipment.

The EPTT is produced of outstanding stainless steel with the edge of very easily-rinsing and corruption-resistance. The principal EPT elements adopt merchandise with model of SIEMENS and OMRON. EPT components adopt merchandise with brand of AIRTAC. Each the inner and outer shower nozzle for washing barrel adopts the EPTT EPT equipment from American Sprayer EPTT. The EPTT functions reliably and efficiently primarily based on the compact structure and high automatic EPT. It is the completely automated barreled water producing equipment mixed with EPTT, digital and pneumatic components.

Main technological parameter:

one)Filling Quantity: five Gallon
two)Dimension of Barrel: #1092276 times490m
3)Potential: sixty-900 barrels per hour(relies upon on customer’s inquiry)
4)EPTT source: relies upon on consumer ask for.
5)Max EPTT consumption four kw heating 9 kw the EPTT consumption is only 3.5kw whilst the EPTT functions as
every single EPT portion begins intermittently
six)Volume of making use of water: Filling 9T/H Purified drinking water washing 2.25T/H
7)Framework sort: EPT wheel and rack EPTT intermittently Two filling valves
8)There are ten actions in the course of the washing treatment:
(three amp4)Washing by the recycled h2o
(6 amp7)Disinfection liquid,
(8 amp9)Concluded drinking water,

Disposal clarification

1)The EPTT set of products is EPTTed overseas. The shower nozzle for washing is the EPT merchandise of
American sprayer organization
two)Mental administration, managed by MITSUBISHI micro-personal computer.
3)EPT EPT component
4)AIRTAC pneumatic element
5)The EPTT set of equipment is made of stainless metal eEPTTly for food
6)IncXiHu (West EPT) Dis.Hu (West EPT) Dis. method for automatic cap settling and cap transportation

Video clip website link

450BPH 5 Gallon water filling line
450BPH eighteen.9L Drinking water bottling creation line (taken from client’s manufacturing facility)
20L barrel drinking water filling bottling EPTT 450BPH (taken from client’s manufacturing facility)
450BPH five Gallon water filling production line (taken from client’s factory)
five gallon h2o filling bottling creation line (taken from client’s manufacturing facility)
EPTT 1200BPH 20L water filling EPTT line
900BPH five gallon barrel h2o filling line
300BPH 5 gallon drinking water filling line
Handbook bottle loading 200BPH 5 gallon washing filling capping EPTT
eighteen.9L h2o bottling filling line
5 Gallon barrel drinking water filling creation line
600BPH five gallon h2o filling production line
5 gallon bottle water creation line (taken from client’s manufacturing unit)
5 gallon barrel rinsing EPTT automatic sort (taken from client’s manufacturing unit)
Semi-computerized PET 5 gallon de-capping and washing EPTT

In depth photos


1. Barreled h2o filling EPTT is eEPTTly utilized for five gallon barrel pure h2o washing, filling, capping production line.
2. It is EPTTly utilized for filling 1 gallon to five gallon bottled drinking water.
three. It is a good water filling EPTT line for all designs of bottles.
four. The barreled drinking water filling EPTT is created for bottles this sort of as PVC, PE, PET etc. It can be utilised for distinct designs of bottles.
five. The filling EPTT line with stainless steel rinse nozzles, pressure filling valve, screw capper, sizzling steam film shrinkage EPTT leading quality line.
6. Filling time is managed by the PLC.
seven. The EPTT adopts high-high quality stainless steel frame.
eight. The barreled water filling EPTTs design and style look is stunning, simple procedure, servicing and working stable.


Model QGF-a hundred QGF-one hundred fifty QGF-three hundred QGF-450 QGF-600 QGF-900 QGF-1200 QGF-1500 QGF-2000
Capability 100BPH 150BPH 300BPH 450BPH 600BPH 900BPH 1200BPH 1500BPH 2000BPH
Filling EPT No one 1 two three four eight ten twelve fifteen
Capping head No one 1 one 1 1 1 one one 1
Doing work position No 3 5 7 nine eleven 13 15 seventeen 21
Diameter of Bottle Diameter:265~275mm
HeigEPTT of Bottle a hundred and fifty~360mm
Bodyweight(KG) 450 500 2500 3000 3500 7000 8000 8500 9500
EPTT(kw) one.four 1.5 six 30 32 32 forty 45 fifty

The barreled drinking water filling EPTTs are created for making 5-gallon barrel consuming water. There are 8 sorts of drinking water filling EPTTs which can make 60, a hundred, 150, three hundred, 450, 900, 1200 and 2000 5 gallon barrel drinking drinking water per hour. Each EPTT has consisted of rinser, filler, and capper. The rinser has a number of spraEPTTwhich can be used as for each thoroughly clean h2o rinsing and disinfectant rinsing. The disinfectant can be recycled. The filling EPTT also has automatic capping gadget and cap rinsing device. The EPTT creation line can automatic feeding barrel, rinsing, sterilizing, filling, capping, counting and output.

Electrical configurations

No Item Identify Model Created-place
one EPTT Swap meilarila France
two AC contactor Schneider France
four Electrical swap EPTT
five pump EPTTBrand in EPTT EPTT
six CylinEPTTof principal aXiHu (West EPT) Dis.s Airtac EPTTiwan
7 CylinEPTTof up and down Airtac EPTTiwan
eight CylinEPTTof cap press Airtac EPTTiwan
nine CylinEPTTof jar push Airtac EPTTiwan
10 CylinEPTTof filling valve Airtac EPTTiwan
eleven Air strain processing method Airtac EPTTiwan
twelve Air pipe.fittings Airtac EPTTiwan
13 Nozzle ZheJiang waigaoqiao organization EPT undertaking
14 EPTT Z304 Stainless metal Manufactured byself
fifteen The valve of drinking water inlet Z304 Stainless steel Made byself
sixteen Filling valve Z304 Stainless steel Manufactured byself
17 The thickness of Stainless steel plate 1.5mm Created byself
eighteen Potential jar/hour 240
19 Total EPTT kw 1.five
20 Filling heads pic two
21 Number of cover pressing pic one
22 Stress of the air supply Mpa .5
23 Usage of air M3/min .6

Comprehensive Creation Line

1, H2o therapy technique: RO purified products, UF purified products, Sand filter, EPTT filter, H2o softner, H2o storage tanks.

2, Juice processing system: Syrup melting tank, MiXiHu (West EPT) tanks, EPT, Juice sterilizing EPTT, Homogenizer, EPTTrage drink pumps, CIP cleaning method

3, Juice filling method: Monoblock washing-filling-capping EPTT, Cap washing tunnel, Cap elevator, Cap worter

four, Bottled juice pasteurizer: Bottle inverse EPTT, Bottled juice sterilizing tunnel

5, Ultimate EPTT program: Shrink wrapping EPTT

six, PET bottle blowing system: EPTT PET bottle blowing EPTT, Preform unscrambler and elevator, AuXiHu (West EPT) Dis.liary EPTTs

Cooperation couriers and nicely-known areas

Package and transport

Our Support

The sample services
1. we can deliver you the video of the running EPTT.
2. you are alwaEPTTwelcome to appear to check out our factory, and you may possibly see the procedure of the EPTTs here . We will make the arrangement to choose you up when you arrive .
three. If we get the permission of the customer who has brougEPTT the EPTTs from us ,we can notify you their speak to information, you can go to check out their manufacturing unit.

EPTT services
one. we can layout the EPTTs according your demands(materials ,EPTT,filling sort,the varieties of the bottles, and so on).
2. at the same time we will give you our expert suggestion.

Right after-product sales service
1. we will give the bill of load on time to make positive you can get the EPTT speedily.
two. when you complete the Preparing circumstances ,our engineer will go to your manufacturing facility for the installation, screening and also instruction.
three. we provide 1 12 months guarantee with spare elements free of charge.

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  in Vienna Austria  sales   price   shop   near me   near me shop   factory   supplier 100bph 5 Gallon Big Bottle Water Barrel Mineral Water Filling Press Capping Machine manufacturer   best   Cost   Custom   Cheap   wholesaler

  in Vienna Austria  sales   price   shop   near me   near me shop   factory   supplier 100bph 5 Gallon Big Bottle Water Barrel Mineral Water Filling Press Capping Machine manufacturer   best   Cost   Custom   Cheap   wholesaler