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Solution Description

The complete Anti-Riot Fit Assembly gives highest security for most components of a Law enforcement officer’s human body with the exception of the head, for which an anti-riot helmet and visor will be required. Protective gloves can also be supplied. Suit fat is around 6.6kg.

The Anti-Riot Match Assembly arrives in its own storage/carrying scenario and can easily be place on and taken off. It provides a lightweight and relaxed suit and is usually worn in excess of a protecting coverall. It will protect the operator from trauma by absorbing hard shocks and knocks, as practically no penetration or cracks will seem on the anti-riot go well with. The outfit also safeguards against knife stabs and is fireplace retardant and acid and alkali-resistant.

The Anti-Riot Fit Assembly can be adjusted by Velcro and belt fastenings to suit a wearer with a height of about 165cm – 190cm. It is composed of the entrance torso, elbow and fore-arm protector, thigh protector, shin and knee protector, belt, tonfa (modest folding baton) holder and a carrying situation.

Entrance Torso: 1.56kg
Elbow & Forearm Protector: 038kg per pair
Thigh Protector: .33kg per pair
Shin & Knee Protector: 1.18kg for each pair
Belt & Tonfa Holder: .32kg

Storage situation: sixty eight x 25 x 47cm
Total fat: 9.8kg
Colour: Black, navy blue, environmentally friendly or desert camouflage
Temperature: -20°C – +55°C



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China Good quality Safety CZPT Riot Suit /Anti Riot Gear for Police     near me shop